the new world

In Kibchak, we delve into the hypothetical scenario where the new world remains undiscovered, allowing a unique and unparalleled culture to blossom. This collaborative project captures the essence of a world untouched by external influences, cultivating a narrative that reflects the vibrant and untamed growth of a community.

Kibchak is a collaborative project born from the creative synergy between myself and my esteemed friend Kemi Gbadebo. Together where we met for the first time in Mallorca, we embark on a journey that fuses her expertise in the upcycled world with my vision of an alternate reality. Our mission is to explore the uncharted territory of a culture that thrives, untouched by the discovery of the new world, celebrating the richness of our roots and empowering our shared Latino heritage.

Join us in this collaborative odyssey, where Kibchak takes you beyond the realms of conventional fashion, offering a glimpse into an alternate reality where creativity knows no bounds, and the power of cultural roots is unleashed in its purest form