mados injekcija

This collection is all about amplifying the experimental and edgy elements, injecting a healthy dose of punk influence into the vibrant heart of Vilnius. Made injekcija 2022 embraces a daring approach, reflecting the city's rebellious spirit. It's a celebration of bold choices, unconventional styles, and pushing boundaries to redefine what's possible in the fashion scene.

Our mission is to unleash the spirit of experimentation and punk influence in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania, for the made injekcija 2022 collection. We aim to captivate an audience seeking more than just fashion – those hungry for an avant-garde experience that challenges norms and embraces the unconventional.

Join us for a thrilling journey where fashion meets rebellion, and every piece narrates a story of untamed energy, reflecting Vilnius' underground culture. Welcome to an exploration where every stitch shouts individuality, and each design challenges the norm with a rebellious attitude. It's more than fashion; it's an invitation to embrace a punk-infused spirit that honors individual expression and challenges the status quo.